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Advantages of Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame Homes
Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame homes represent one of the most beautiful forms of architecture that home designers can create.

These types of log homes have been in existence for centuries and in modern times the appeal of timber frame houses has become more pronounced due to many factors.

The attractiveness of the handcrafted logs and the flexibility of construction options, among other advantages, have brought back this historical form of dwelling to contemporary society.

One of the major attractive characteristics of a timber frame home is the natural aesthetics; that appealing log look and the feel of an exterior view within an interior space.

Timber Frame Home Plans call for the post and beam style method of construction consisting of timber post trusses which are exposed within the homes interior providing a delightful view. This gives the feel of a handcrafted look and is a very attractive feature to many home owners.

Timber frame homes hold a distinct advantage over other forms of lighter weight construction in terms of strength.

Heavy timber frames provide excellent resistance to strong winds and any potential for uplift due to their density and the weight of the materials used.

The manner in which the timber logs are put to together along with their size and strength enables the visually appealing results of open floor plans and tall ceilings with Timber Frame Homes.

Timber Frame Builders are familiar with the relative ease of construction for these types of homes compared with some other forms of home building. Homes which employ conventional platform construction with standard studding are not as strong as timber frame homes.

Timber frame home designs are also more economical to build as they use relatively less wood than other forms of wood construction.

Building tolerances for heavy timber frame homes do not require the same exactness as conventional framing requires, making construction easier. Due to this, certain types of filler materials can be used quite easily with heavy timber frames.

Best Timber Frame Homes
Best Timber Frame Homes

The energy efficiency of timber houses can be quite substantial when proper construction is used and the timber framing is combined with structural insulated panels or urethane insulation.

Because the form and methods of construction for timber frame homes require less time and materials, the costs of building timber frame houses are generally lower.

Timber trusses are one of the most economical structural elements that can be used to support a roof and home structure and they are a chief part of a timber frame homes design.

The cost advantage of a timber frame home is also related to the relative quick speed of construction. Many times predesigned timber frame home floor plans can be purchased through suppliers.

Often much of the interior supporting structure along with the roof trusses for timber frame homes can be built within a few days.

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